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At Silver Cedar Wealth Management, our mission of providing independent, forward-thinking advice that aligns with our clients’ goals, is at the heart of everything we do.

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What sets us apart, is our commitment to offering completely independent advice.

We make recommendations based solely on how it best serves your near and long-term goals. This allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their circumstances and needs so we can offer tailored advice and investment solutions.

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Whether you need advice or want us to help manage your investment portfolio, our job is to guide you on the path to success. We want to be there for you to achieve financial milestones and provide a holistic approach to your wealth management needs. Our clients are seeking committed relationships with the people they entrust with their wealth. They want to be able to seek unbiased advice from someone who knows their motivations and long-term investment goals.

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Jordan Schaffran

Wealth Advisor

Jordan has been helping clients navigate complex financial decisions for over ten years. As a fiduciary, he prides himself on putting his clients’ best interests first and enjoys building meaningful relationships.

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